Costa Rica is probably Keith and my favorite vacation spot. Keith has been going for about 20 years to surf! I haven’t been since I was pregnant with Camp I was ready to go back! Spirit had great ticket prices, so we booked the whole family. When we told the boys we were going Camp said, “Um….. I’d rather go to Disney!” haha.

I took Camp and Crawford to Ohio on a plane two years ago but this was Crew’s first flight (out of my belly). They were super excited about flying. We had to leave the house at 6 am so we were all a little sleepy to start the day. We only let Crew have his paci and blanket in bed, but the day he flew he had it ALL day!
DSC_0647 DSC_0648 We were delayed in the Myrtle Beach airport for an hour and a half, so we occupied the boys by watching a lot of planes.DSC_0650                                                                                                      Camp being Camp 🙂 DSC_0649Well, the boys liked the flight but Camp said it was too long and his ears hurt. Crew was the only one who got a little restless. I expected that from an 18 month old! We flew from Myrtle Beach to Ft. Lauderdale then straight to Costa Rica. The  flight to Costa was about 2 1/2 hours. Thankfully he slept some of the flight. IMG_1243_2DSC_0655 Keith went to college with a guy named Daniel who now lives in Jaco, Costa Rica with his wife Sarah and their 3 boys. He was so sweet to pick us up from the airport and take us to our condo. The Barretts are missionaries in the little town and have been there for a few years. If you would like to learn more about what they do there and possibly support them, you can check out Sarah’s blog! The Barretts in Costa Rica, It’s awesome to see the work the Lord is doing through them there in such a short time. We loved being able to be a part of their Sunday service and have their boys come play at the pool a bit. DSC_0658

The drive to Jaco from the airport in San Jose is about 1 1/2 hours. Daniel asked if we wanted to stop at the “crocodile bridge” before we got into town. Keith said it was neat to see, so we stopped. It was a perfect time to get out of the car for the boys too. The walk down the bridge made Keith and I both a little nervous with the boys. The walkway is very narrow and large trucks pass by at high speeds. The boys hung on tight to the railing and (other than the photo below when no trucks were coming) we held the boys’ hands very tightly too.

DSC_0660DSC_0663 Check out all of those crocodiles! We were high above them, but they still made me very nervous. They are giant and just super creepy!  Amazing, but creepy! DSC_0671 I hijacked this photo from a friend’s facebook page. Keith was telling me that there is a man who takes people on tours and he actually touches the crocodiles!!!! I do not want ANY part of that tour! 602718_10151248094919212_166702394_nJust a few photos from playing in the pool.
IMG_2280_2 IMG_2277_2 IMG_2284_2 IMG_2282_2

We went to a little place where the boys were able to touch and play with all kinds of animals. We all loved seeing the cool frogs, snakes, turtles, monkeys and butterflies. DSC_0735The red eyed tree frog is so beautiful! It jumped onto my dress while we were checking him out. Frogs don’t give me the creeps, but for some reason I must have cringed a little because I noticed my curled up toes in the photo below! haha. DSC_0756
DSC_0766DSC_0776We wanted to take one home!!! Keith and I looked into getting one for the boys, but I think we will wait until they are a little older. DSC_0778Camp was all about touching the critters but Crawford stood back and just observed. DSC_0786Crew didn’t mind touching everything too. DSC_0791DSC_0792DSC_0801I love this photo. The boys were very intentional about watching every move our guide was making. DSC_0833
Crawford did agree to touch the turtles, butterflies and the monkeys. DSC_0874DSC_0896
I have always wanted to play with monkeys. I have wanted to play with most cuddly animals, but have not really ever had the chance. This little Capuchin monkey is named Cesar. He is 8 months old and so adorable!

DSC_0704Little Cesar was excited to play with the boys too. Crew was so funny with the monkey! He kept squealing and saying “bite” when he would touch him. (He was not being bitten.)
DSC_0709Crew went outside and found a leaf to give Cesar. He played with it for a while and crunched it up. DSC_0726The condo we stayed at was awesome! We had 3 bedrooms and a full kitchen. We also had several balconies. Our place was on the 5th floor and then we had a spiral staircase that lead up to another balcony where we had an amazing view. The sunsets in Costa Rica are beautiful, and we watched them from our balcony several evenings.

IMG_2326_2DSC_0932 Crew being goofy wearing Camp’s flip-flops.DSC_0679 We ate at some wonderful restaurants and the photo below was taken at Taco Bar. They have swings up at the bar that the boys thought were awesome! (Crawford did love it, he was just mad in the photo below!) haha.

DSC_0692After eating at Taco Bar one night we walked over for ice cream at a highly recommended ice cream place called Pops. (Camp being goofy again! haha)
IMG_2343_2IMG_2346_2There is a little store that is right outside of the gates of our condo, so we were able to get fresh fruit and veggies for lunch every day. The boys ate their lunch and snacks on our lower balcony most days.
DSC_0689My birthday was January 28th. It was our last full day in Costa. We went into a town close by and ate breakfast at an awesome place! We explored a little before we ate. The boys found some coconuts.
DSC_0976Camp threw a few at a tree! I love his face in the photo above! It makes me laugh.
DSC_0973 At the restaurant waiting on our breakfast to come. Not too shabby to wait while watching the waves.DSC_0980 Crew smashing ants on the wall while we waited. On a side note, Crew was so hot in Costa Rica for some reason! We had to let him go shirtless to be comfortable several times. It’s a good thing they don’t require shirt and shoes for service there!DSC_1002 The boys ate banana pancakes and such yummy smoothies.DSC_1004 DSC_1007
When we finished breakfast we spotted an iguana. We went down for a closer look.

They were very intrigued watching him (or her?). I assured them they were not allowed to touch him!! haha.DSC_1018The boys checked out some almonds in their shells. I have never seen them before. They are a bright green.DSC_1030Crew was so hot he had to nap in a diaper too. He doesn’t look like he minds! He is such a sweet boy!DSC_0969All of the boys had a little sweaty head several days! haha.

More rosy cheeks from the heat as we ate a treat (Trit) in the town. 

Keith and I went out for dinner by ourselves on my birthday and Kathleen came to watch the boys! Keith knows Kathleen from Pawleys and she teaches at a bilingual school right in Jaco. The boys had an amazing time playing with her!! We totally should have had her come to play a few more nights for Keith and I to go out by ourselves.
DSC_1031The place we ate at was amazing!! If you ever go to Jaco, Costa Rica you need to eat at Lemon Zest. It is fine dining and so good!! I really enjoyed spending the evening alone with Keith. I am so blessed to have him as my husband and celebrate another birthday with him!!


Whenever we were deciding on dessert Keith said, “You chose, it’s your birthday”. Well, the staff delivered singing happy birthday. I was so embarrassed!!!

IMG_2357_2I tried to enjoy the vacation without having my camera strapped to my side, so I didn’t really get any photos at the pool or on the beach. The boys wanted to spend most of their time at the pool. I guess I can’t blame them! We have the beach here at home and there were 4 pools to play in at our resort! If you read on Facebook, one of my favorite thoughts from Crawford was when he said, “Where are all of the kitties?” when he was looking at the kiddie pool. haha. I snapped this photo of the boys in front of the kiddie pool right before we left to head to San Jose.

DSC_1033Here’s one angle of our view from our condo. The mountains are beautiful. I wish my camera could really show how brilliant and beautiful the colors are!DSC_0914Here’s a photo from when you turn around from the mountains. The beach is pretty too, but there aren’t really any shells to see. They have mostly rocks on their beach.DSC_0922On the way home. Crawford said he missed the cats and was ready to come home!! 🙂IMG_1321_2DSC_1037Oh…. I also forgot to mention that I experienced my first earthquake!! It woke Keith and I up from a deep sleep. It measured 4.9 and the kids slept right through it!!

The trip was great, but we probably won’t go back again until the youngest is at least 5. It will be great when they are all out of naps and a little more flexible in their schedules. We loved getting fresh air and sunshine in the middle of January. I can’t think of a better place to spend my birthday!


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