So, the photos don’t always load properly when you click on my blog. I figured out that it may be because I’m not making the images smaller and the files are way too large. If anyone is a web genius, I would love some insight on how to make the images smaller on iPhoto so it’s super easy to import onto the blog.

Most months are fun in our house but July, August and September are especially fun because we celebrate all of our boys’ birthdays. August is Camp’s turn.

Camp turned 5 last year. He is so smart, funny and one of the most compassionate kids ever! He is also a deep thinker. The questions he asks and the reasoning he uses to come up with certain ideas amazes me. He doesn’t have the most “common sense” all the time, but I am hoping experience will teach him. As most kids do, Camp loves to open gifts.

DSC_0884 DSC_0890One funny thing about Camp is that he doesn’t care for cake or many sweets. 99% of the time he will not eat any cake at a party. I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and he chose carrot cake. DSC_0909_2DSC_0914_2

Crawford is so silly! 
He had a pool party and invited a few friends. It was superhero themed, Camp’s favorite right now. He did blow out the candles and soak up everyone singing to him, but did not eat any of his cake!DSC_0942_2 My cousin has a little girl named Sophi. She is one month older than Camp and we have loved getting them together since they were little. We are so happy they live in Cary, North Carolina so that it’s not too far to drive. They love the beach, and we are so happy for them to come all the time, if they can! The kids have a blast together. DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPROFor Camp’s birthday, my parents got the boys tickets for the  Pirates Voyage in Myrtle Beach. It was really a great show and the boys didn’t hardly move because they were so into the show. They didn’t really eat much, but loved to watch the pirates and their acrobatic stunts.
DSC_0982_2Crew enjoying himself too. DSC_0977_2_2One of the highlights were the awesome pirate costumes my mom got for the boys to wear to the show. DSC_0996_2Sand angles.
DSC_1030_2 Crew wearing some pants that Keith had when he was little!!

DSC_1040_2Camp and Crawford started back to preschool at St. Peter’s. Camp is so tall…. here is his photo from starting this year…

And a photo from the first year he started when he was 3. 
Here is Crawford’s first year (same age as Camp above) in the 2 year old class at St. Peter’s. He was so excited about going to school. I think Camp may have been even more excited Crawford was going so he could show him around and see him all day at school.

This is Camp this year. He looks so grown up!


Both boys outside of school. It was so foggy and there was so much humidity, I didn’t have time to let my camera acclimate so we have a foggy photo.


Camp with his teachers Ms Heater and Ms Brandy.


Crawford with his teachers Ms Catherine and Ms Chris. DSC_1077



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