I’m back to catching up on 2012. Here goes June.

In June we went up to Fayetville, North Carolina to visit with our family there. Keith’s cousin Robin, Nancy, and their six children moved there from Georgia. We thought our visits would be more frequent with the closer distance, but we have been so busy with life we have sadly not been up there much. I am hoping maybe this year we can make a few more trips!!

When we went, for the photo below, we were celebrating their son Gabe’s graduation. It was so nice to see all of the family. Keith’s Aunt has a Yorkie named Annie. Crew LOVES all animals, especially dogs. It was so gross, but too funny to not stop him from letting her kiss him in the mouth before I snapped a photo. He thought it was hilarious!!


Here’s a photo I had on Facebook, but too cute not to include for the month!

DSC_0314 Again, his love for animals. Sometimes it gets him in trouble. Our cats are super gentle but will give a fare warning bite to all of the boys. DSC_0299 Camp is such a good big brother. It’s so much fun watching him be a big brother to Crew (just adding 4 years age difference). He was helping Crew stand in the photo below. DSC_0322 We are silly around our house! IMG_0233 We celebrated Grandma Kathy’s birthday. My boys absolutely love birthdays!! They are always so excited to take part in a celebration. DSC_0289 My brother and sister-in-law came into town. They had so much fun playing together. DSC_0355I was excited to have my first billboard for the salon up and running in Pawleys. I have the space for a year and am happy with the location! I hear that people see it a lot, so I am hoping it is working to bring new clients into the salon.
DSC_0332 Crew is our crazy climber. He pulled out the chair to help himself onto the table. He still climbs all the time!! Makes me nervous!! IMG_0240 The boys play so well together. They were having electronic fun on the couch this day. Camp was playing his Ipod and Crawford was playing my phone. I think Camp was giving Crawford some new tips on playing. Camp is such a good and patient teacher!! DSC_0331 Another photo demonstrating our child with no fear! All I can imagine is him doing this on a motor cross bike….. makes me EXTRA nervous!!

DSC_0382July is up next!! 🙂



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