July is one of our favorite months around our house. It’s obviously Summer, which means it’s warm, Keith and Crew both have birthdays in July, we normally have family come in to visit, and we always look forward to celebrating the 4th.

We have been very blessed the last few years with not terribly hot 4th celebrations. Our tradition is to go out to the beach and play with a lot of our family and friends then go to the Pawleys Island Parade. We normally leave the beach and head home for lunch and naps. After we are rested, we head over to Keith’s Aunt Susan and Uncle Henry’s house for hot dogs and fun with family. This year Keith had to work that evening so I took the boys and then parked by the beach to watch fireworks.

Here are photos from the 4th!

From left: Asher, Crawford, Camp and Blaze. If you notice the big boys are all cool as they watch the parade start and Asher and Crawford are a little more apprehensive.
DSC_0400 Crew was a little hot and not too sure about all of the commotion. DSC_0415 Camp is so sweet and polite, of course he waved at almost every vehicle that passed. DSC_0432My sweet family.
DSC_0439_2 Grandma Kathy and all of the grand-boys. DSC_0475 I think this picture is so funny of Camp. He wanted to be buried and we put a little 4th of July decoration by his head. haha. DSC_0478 Crawford LOVES some Aunt Anna Grace!!! (We sure do miss her!!!…this little Light of mine).

DSC_0483Crew started really focusing on putting things together. (On a side note, his mullet was terrible- well, if you were trying to achieve a mullet, he actually had a pretty good one!)
DSC_0499 We celebrated Keith’s birthday. The boys had helped Keith open presents before we took the photo below. DSC_0504Keith hates to be sung to but will endure the torture just to get the cake!!
DSC_0507 Playing on the slip-in-slide.DSC_0555 SO MUCH FUN!!

DSC_0568 DSC_0583I took a few photos of Crew as he turned a year old. He grew so quickly!
DSC_0604_2Time to address the mullet once again. Crew got his first haircut. Normally I do all haircuts at the salon because of the mess, but we were having professional photos taken by CARTERelite STUDIO. (Abbie is AWESOME!!!! Book her!! 🙂 We scheduled the photos last minute so it was a hair “emergency” to cut Crew’s hair. Poor boy was actually sick and running a 102 fever so he wasn’t excited about much. DSC_0639 He was ready for me to be finished. They always look so grown up with their first haircut. Maybe, as a mama, that’s why I wait so long to actually cut it! DSC_0645 I took photos of my boys every week in the same chair next to the same bear to see how they grew. I dressed them in the same clothes too. It was awesome to watch them grow weekly and even more fun to see how different each of the kids were in size!! Below was Crew’s LAST first year, weekly photos!! DSC_0662 On this sweet boys birthday we went to Caledonia for lunch.DSC_0669 He ate his very first sweet treat.DSC_0685 And loved it!! DSC_0715 He just loves to play. DSC_0730Here are the weekly photos I mentioned above. I printed them all of for his birthday party so we could see how much he grew and changed.

DSC_0763 DSC_0762
He had a great time opening gifts. His big brothers did too!! DSC_0771 DSC_0778 He had a “real” cake that he didn’t really care for. I gave him another muffin he had from his birthday day that he loved so much. He wasn’t too sure about everyone singing to him. DSC_0794 DSC_0809_2 Camp is sometimes the only one who looks goofy in group photos. He just loves to be silly and make silly faces. DSC_0827 Now Crawford, he will turn on a smile. He won’t always look “natural”, but he will look normal! hahaDSC_0832 I love this photo below. My three boys just hanging out all together. I can’t remember, but I’m sure Crew didn’t stay still for long! It was that time in the afternoon where we chill out for a bit or the boys take a nap. DSC_0865 My tan baby! DSC_0878July was a fun month!! 🙂 IMG_0319


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