2012 has by far been the fastest year of my life! I have always heard that the years go faster as you get older. I wish I were able to slow down time. Enjoy all of the precious moments I have with Keith, Camp, Crawford and Crew. I am happy to be back to blogging so I can keep a record of of lives so we can go back and see all of the events that have flown right by.

Here’s some of what was captured by photos this past year…

I’ll post a couple of months at a time.


There isn’t really a dull moment in our house. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Here’s a photo from my birthday last January. It’s from a phone so it’s super grainy. One of my gifts was a sleeping bag for camping. The boys tried it out with me.



There was a lot of sickness at our house, and breathing treatments for all of the boys. Here’s Crew taking his first treatment.




Crew had his first taste of “real food” and wasn’t really a fan. We didn’t start any food again until he was about 9-10 months.




We moved Crawford into Camp’s room and Camp took the top bunk. They love sleeping in the same room.




We made a trip to Columbia and went to Monkey Joe’s for the first time. The boys had so much fun. (Well, Crew just hung out).



Our sweet boys cuddling at the hotel.



Funny Crawford was so proud of himself. He thought he did a great job putting “gel” in his hair. Lotion is not fun to get out! haha.








We had some beautiful days to play outside last February.

DSC_0961 DSC_0950 DSC_0958


Yep, he fell asleep in a box..



I took the boys to Milgrove Farms to feed and hold the animals and pick out some fun produce. We had a blast!! DSC_1000 DSC_1011 DSC_1034 DSC_1059 DSC_1072

Crew started growing into a little man.



Crew started getting around with a little army crawl.




More pretty days to play outside!

DSC_1181 DSC_1177


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