Christmas…. (Year of the Scooter!)


Isaiah 9:6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 

We ended up having a much different Christmas this year than we have had in the past. Keith woke up with the flu last Tuesday and Kathy (my sweet mother-in-law and receptionist at the salon) came to take care of the boys while I worked so Keith could get some sleep. He was so sick that he could not do anything but rest!

So, Kathy watched the boys Tuesday and Wednesday, then she woke up with a fever on Thursday morning. I felt so bad we probably got her sick!!! Camp started with a fever on Wednesday then Crawford had one on Friday. We got TamiFlu into them quickly, so they were better rather fast compared to the normal duration of the flu.

My brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew came in from Ohio late Tuesday night. My sister, Deanna, also came up from Charleston for a few days. I felt so bad that my boys couldn’t hang out with them fearing we would get everyone sick!! Crew and I were able to see them in the evenings, and Crawford made it a couple nights too.

Friday night I went up with my family to Burro Loco for dinner. I won a little bear for my niece Maddie and a toy for my nephew Weston from the grabber machine there. (I can actually say that I have the art of that game figured out. I have spent a ton of money in my lifetime playing while my parents bowled on a league when I was little! haha).


After dinner we went to the Shadrack light show in Myrtle Beach. It was a neat show, but I thought it was a little expensive at $25 a car. All of the lights change to the music. I guess they have them all over and run after Christmas too. Here’s the information if you want to check it out: Shadrack Christmas Wonderland. We packed into the car and all rode together.

My family ate dinner and celebrated Christmas on Saturday night. Crew is 3 months older than Weston. He’s so cute! DSC_0444Maddie is very into girly things, so I was excited to get her a doll that you could fix the hair on. It cracked me up because she said, “I always wanted one of these!” haha. Crawford is 3 months younger than Maddie. It’s so much fun having cousins so close in age! I just wish they were closer in distance too.


We loved seeing them and hope it won’t be too long before we can maybe make it up there to visit (FREE OF SICKNESS!!).

On Christmas Eve, I gave the big boys some fun new jammies that they were excited about. Crawford said they were ‘soft and beautiful!’ haha. Since 3 out of 5 of us were super sick, we weren’t able to attend a Christmas Eve service at church. We were bummed but read a few stories of Jesus’ birth at home.

We do Santa at our house, so the boys put out milk and cookies for him. They were so concerned with making sure he had enough!!


Crew did not partake in putting out the treats, I knew he would take what he could and run! haha.


We put the boys in our room for a Christmas Campout. We wanted to make sure they didn’t get up in the middle of the night and see what “Santa” brought without us!! I was up every hour worried I wouldn’t hear them get up.


They slept through the night and woke up about 7am. We made them hang out until Keith and I were all set up and ready to get some video and photos. They waited very patiently!! (I love the bead-head in the photo below!)


This year was truly the year of the scooter! Each boy got a scooter, including an adult one for Keith and I to share. haha. At our house, Santa brings 3 things and they are kept unwrapped. Everything else is from Keith and I and wrapped under the tree (with exception of all of the scooters and anything else large. Here’s what the boys came into.


Camp’s santa presents he got were a pair of Stompeeze, a penguin submarine toy and a game called Pop the Pig.


Crawford got a fire house doll house, stompeeze and a baby he could feed.


Crew got a turtle he can ride, a pillow pet and a second blanket like the one he is so attached to.


One item they both played with all day were a set of handcuffs.


We also got them a few fun gadgets like a telescoping magnet.


Crew wasn’t thrilled about his new puddle jumpers! hahaha. He did love two new cups he got though. He loves being big like his brothers!!


The boys got so many fun things and really had a wonderful morning. We cleaned up and put  most of their toys away and got ready for all of Keith’s family to come over for lunch. My poor father-in-law was still sick and not able to make it. We are also so proud of my sister-in-law Anna Grace for her commitment to YWAM and commitment to the Lord in Hawaii for a year, but we missed her celebrating with us.

Here’s a link to her amazing blog if you want to see what she is up to! :this little Light of mine

I am not the greatest cook, but enjoy doing it, so I was so excited to prepare lunch for everyone! I tried a new (new to me) way to make the turkey by brining it and cooking it breast side down, flipping it 2/3 of the way thru cooking. It turned out well and I have enjoyed the stock from it today!!

Blaze and Asher are the boys’ other cousins. Blaze is almost 3 months older than Camp and Asher is 25 days older than Crawford! We couldn’t have planned it any better!! The boys truly love and cherish their time together!

Below from left to right: Asher, Crew, Camp, Blaze and Crawford. Don’t you love their formal Christmas Day attire!? haha


The boys opened presents and loved everything they got!







To end the day my family came by to open presents and see what they boys got. I am so happy and blessed that our families live close so that we can see them often and they can share in special days!

My dad showing the boys a gift and my Grandma in the background.

My dad showing the boys a gift and my Grandma in the background.

This is my beautiful sister, Deanna, who lives in Charleston.


Nana (my mom) and Crawford.


I will end this super long post with one of my favorite photos of the day. My sister got Crawford the Batman shirt and undies and he is wearing his new shoes and back pack from the day! He sure makes us smile!



One response to “Christmas…. (Year of the Scooter!)”

  1. Dawn says :

    Sorry that the flu has hit your home. It looks like the boys were feeling better on Christmas though!:) Enjoyed the post! Hope to see you soon in the New Year!:)

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