Our 11th Anniversary…

November 3rd marked our 11th anniversary. I am truly blessed with a sweet, funny, godly, committed, understanding, sensible, and good looking best friend! I really didn’t know that I would ever love him more than I did the day we were married. Our love and communication gets better and better every year. (My communication can only go up from where it started!! haha).


We have had some fun and special anniversaries, and had a few that were not so memorable. Last year Crew was so little, we were not able to get away, so this year was our redemption. This was the first time Keith and I have ever gone away together since we have had children.

*Note to anyone who wants to take the advice: Don’t wait 5 years before going away as a couple, leaving your children!! 😉

Keith and I drove down to St. Augustine , Florida. We left Thursday night after I finished work and took our time, stopping for dinner along the way. It’s funny, but the thing we were looking forward to the most was sleeping in late! We were able to take our time getting up every single day, which was glorious!

The next day we looked around St. Augustine (which is beautiful) and shopped a few local surf shops. Later that day we drove south about 30 minutes to a place called MarineLand. I have wanted to swim with dolphins since I was little and I have not had the opportunity, until now!


Here’s a link to MarineLand if you want to check it out: Marineland – Swim With Dolphins in Florida

They allow up to 10 people at a time to get in the tank with the dolphins (with the package I picked). I was so excited that there were only 3 of us when I went. Usually they give you about 30 minutes of education and then 30 minutes in the water, but we must have had about 45 minutes in the water.


We were able to pet, feed and hang out with the dolphin!! MarineLand is awesome! I learned a ton about dolphins and was amazed that they have the oldest living dolphin on record living at MarineLand. The average life span of a dolphin is 25-30 years and she is 59!! They are beautiful and amazing creatures.  DSC_0110

After I swam with the dolphins, we headed up to Jacksonville for the night. The Cheesecake Factory is one of Keith’s favorites so we had dinner there. We even ate lunch there the next day after shopping and looking around. There were so many fun shops and Keith and I loved spending time together and not having a schedule to follow by. It was also nice to take our time, only feed ourselves and not wrestle Crew off the table of a restaurant.

We started heading towards home and planned to spend our last night in Charleston, but crazy enough, there were NO rooms available in Mt. Pleasant. We ended up staying in Myrtle Beach for the night, and were able to sleep in there too!

We had three nights in total and our parents and my sister were so gracious to take care of our kiddos!! It was wonderful for our children and for us too. We are looking forward to our next getaway together.

It was awesome, but of course we were excited to come home to this…DSC_0182


DSC_1457                                                                          and this…DSC_1458


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